Bitmanu 3nm ASIC Miners Save Crypto Mining Industry

New York, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Despite several blows that the crypto mining industry recently received, an interesting revival is noted as of late, thanks to Bitmanu’s revolutionary miners. The crypto startup that has taken the world by storm is once again raising the bar with three new 3nm ASIC mining rigs, posting unprecedented hash rates and impressive profitability potential.

The new Bitmanu miners – BM1, BM2 and BM Pro – can be used to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Monero – all with the same utensils and technology and with very limited power consumption. This is a big change for the industry, since for the first time, a crypto miner is introduced that has the potential to return the initial investment within less than a month.

Following are the hash rates of the recently launched miners:

  • BM1: Bitcoin 760 TH/s, Litecoin 80 GH/s, Dash 15 TH/s, Monero 6 MH/s
  • BM2: Bitcoin 1220 TH/s, Litecoin 128 GH/s, Dash 25 TH/s, Monero 10 MH/s
  • BM Pro: Bitcoin 3900 TH/s, Litecoin 400 GH/s, Dash 75 TH/s, Monero 32 MH/s

However, that is not the only innovation introduced with the BM miner series. As a result of these hash rates, the new miners are also able to achieve low power consumption figures, thereby avoiding the high electricity costs once associated with crypto mining. Power consumption gets as low as 650W for the BM1, 850W for the BM2 and 2200W for the BM Pro.

Simple, fast, secure

The real cherry on top, though, is the simplicity and user-friendliness of these miners. Even people with no experience in crypto can use them, since all that is needed is a power source and a connection to the internet. This combination of speed, power efficiency and intuitiveness – aligned with the most stringent security protocols – creates conditions for profitability not witnessed before in the crypto mining industry.

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Bitmanu is a manufacturing company created, owned, and managed by a team of investors and noted crypto industry experts, dedicated to bringing the benefits of the latest technological innovations to the public. The company offers a stunning range of crypto miners with super-fast return on investment, that can be set up and used by all, regardless of their experience and knowledge.

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