Huawei Cloud Launches Financial Container Cloud to Enable Cloud Native Core Banking

SHANGHAI, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In this digital age, with data growing from clouds at an incredible speed, more and more enterprises have been investing in using cloud native technologies to boost productivity and portability and to improve security, performance, predictability.Using container clusters to establish a cloud native foundation has become a consensus in the industry.

On June 7, William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivered a keynote speech focusing on industry insights and value propositions and released the innovative solution Financial Container Cloud at the Huawei Global Intelligent Financial Summit. Following the Everything as a Service strategy, Huawei Cloud aims to become the cloud foundation and industry enabler for digital transformation. Banks will speed up their pace towards digital transformation and smart finance from three aspects: resilient infrastructure, modernized financial applications, and financial data-AI convergence.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Stack, introduced the new solution in detail at the summit:”Underpinned by Huawei Cloud Stack, the Financial Container Cloud is deployed in customers’ on-premises data centers. It has four features: high performance, high scalability & security, high maintainability and good openness and compatibility”

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Stack

Extremely High Performance

The Financial Container Cloud incorporates Huawei Cloud’s latest cloud service, CCE Turbo, delivering stellar performance and profound experience.

CCE Turbo provides vertical optimization and more importantly, transforms networking between containers and the IaaS platform, helping customers progress from BUILD ON CLOUD to BUILD IN CLOUD. Using the pass-through networking architecture, it can improve the system latency by 20%. Also, CCE Turbo supports a wide range of network features, such as IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack, as well as Security Group and QoS.

Huawei’s self-developed container service helped the Agricultural Bank of China easily cope with spikes at peak hours when there are up to 600,000 transactions per second.

Financial-grade Enhanced Capabilities, High Scalability and Security

Moreover, financial businesses are always demanding flexibility and scalability for IT systems.

Huawei Financial Container Cloud can be used to scale out up to one hundred thousand pods in a single cluster, and can expand ten thousand pods per second. Besides, the cloud provides cross-cluster expansion and deliver a unified Scheduling Management and Consistent experience. It also enhances enterprise security, including the security of their hosts, clusters, and tenants.

For example, Postal Savings Bank of China(PSBC) updated their business with Huawei container cloud, so as to quickly response to traffic increasing and shorten apps development cycle, and can also guarantee high availability  through active-active cluster solution design.

High Maintainability: Comprehensive Application Performance Analysis

Ever-increasing cloud-native applications make IT systems more and more complex, which challenges application maintenance.

Huawei provides Application Performance Management (APM) and Application operation & maintenance function (AOM) to help customers build a comprehensive monitoring and analysis system.

APM provides global tracing and analysis of application call chains. It does not have any adverse impact on applications, and can help customers easily conduct application governance and identify performance problems.

AOM comprehensively monitors applications and infrastructure on a unified dashboard and provides real-time analysis on applications, instances, hosts and transactions.

Continuously Contributing to Open-source, Leading Cloud Native Technology

Huawei has been continuously incubating and donating projects to open source communities like KubeEdge, Kamada, and Volcano.

Huawei became the only startup member of CNCF in Asia and the first platinum member in China. Now Huawei is leading cloud native technologies, especially container cloud solutions. Huawei’s coding contribution in the Kubernetes community ranks No.1 in Asia.

In the finance industry, five out of six major state-owned banks in China have used Huawei’s container services, and more than half of the joint-stock commercial banks are also our customers. Up to now, Huawei Cloud has deployed more than 50 million container instances, including over 200,000 instances at the largest site.

Moving forward, Huawei Cloud Stack will partner with financial customers to continue embracing container technologies and diving into cloud together for a digital future.

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