In JV with SEG ENERA, AD Ports enters Uzbekistan logistics

The ADPORTS Group and SEG ENERA Group, one of the largest multisectoral holding companies in Uzbekistan, have formed ADL-Ulanish, which will provide end-to-end global logistics services throughout Uzbekistan. With the new joint venture enterprise, AD Ports Group will offer its global supply chain logistics expertise and advanced technology to address Uzbekistan’s logistics challenges. Uzbekistan is a double-landlocked nation surrounded by five other landlocked nations.

In JV with SEG ENERA, AD Ports enters Uzbekistan logisticsIn return, SEG ENERA Group will contribute its regional expertise, best practices, and industrial assets, including warehousing and rail capacities. With the joint venture, SEG ENERA will not only be able to serve its own business needs, but will also be able to serve a broader spectrum of clients within the nation’s market, including oil and gas, e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

There will be various advanced services offered by ADL-Ulanish, including air and land freight forwarding; warehousing and storage; customs clearance; and the development of inland container depots and dry ports. Also, the company will provide a range of digital solutions to boost service integration and efficiency and support the development of a food hub in Uzbekistan through expertise in food security and supply chains.

According to the World Bank, Uzbekistan and the Central Asian region will grow from 3.9% in 2023 to 4.3% in 2024 as a result of their strategic location at the crossroads between Asian and European markets. UAE and Uzbekistan signed a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding in June 2022 to support cooperation in 27 sectors, including government modernization initiatives to benefit from the UAE’s experience.