OMODA & JAECOO hosts an immersive test drive event, unveiling two models and enabling hands-on experience for enthusiasts in the UAE

  • The test drive experience inaugurates a series of functions, with the official OMODA & JAECOO grand launch set for Q3 of 2024
  • OMODA C5 and JAECOO J7 are set to reshape the future of mobility in the UAE with their exceptional features and performance.
  • The two vehicles were unveiled at an immersive experience hosted at the Melia Desert Palm in Dubai.

DUBAI, UAE, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OMODA & JAECOO, the innovative automotive brand dedicated to pioneering the future of travel, unveiled its new groundbreaking vehicles in the UAE: the OMODA C5 and the JAECOO J7, during an immersive experience held at Meliá Desert Palm in Dubai, on June 5 and 6.

This innovative showcase inaugurates the beginning of a series of events, leading up to the highly anticipated official grand launch of OMODA & JAECOO in Q3 this year, with the debut of the two vehicles OMODA C5 and JAECOO J7, among others.

The new models, already in the global spotlight, are set to enrich driving experiences in the UAE’s automotive market for active lifestyle seekers through world-class designs, superb performance standards, and a rigorous emphasis on sustainable mobility. Automotive enthusiasts and clients will soon have the opportunity to get behind the wheel themselves and experience these cutting-edge vehicles firsthand.

Over two days, the program offered an immersive journey into the realm of the OMODA C5 and JAECOO J7. Product experts shared insights about the brand and the vehicles and accompanied guests during the test drives. Participants first enjoyed the urban driving experience of the OMODA C5, then transitioned to the offroad experience with the JAECOO J7, garnering positive feedback on design, performance, technology, safety, and more.

The experience unveiled the infinite futuristic possibilities of the OMODA C5 in the Middle Eastern roads. From city cruising to unexpected adventures with its avant-garde design, unbeatable performance driven by forward thinking technologies, and smart mobility through O-Universe, the young and future forward crossover SUV brand reflected the lifestyle aspirations of the youthful elite, set to redefine the passions of motoring in the country.

The immersive journey transitioning into the urban off-road adventure with the JAECOO J7, stood out for its sheer class and elegance while simultaneously delivering an exceptional four-wheel driving performance. Thoughtfully and aesthetically designed to adapt to the rugged desert, JAECOO J7 excelled in energy efficiency, advanced safety, smart technology and outdoor living, fully leading the technological breakthroughs that align with the UAE’s Smart Mobility vision.

Shawn Xu, CEO of OMODA & JAECOO Automobile International, said: “Our strategic expansion into the UAE market represents a significant milestone in OMODA & JAECOO’s journey towards reshaping the future of mobility. The recent immersive experience was a resounding success, offering a glimpse into the groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technology showcased by the OMODA C5 and JAECOO J7.

We’re thrilled with the positive feedback received from the media and eagerly anticipate welcoming consumers in Q3. Our confidence in the appeal of our vehicles stems from extensive market studies and surveys, ensuring that they resonate with UAE consumers. This event marks just the beginning of an exciting journey, as we continue to prioritize excellence and innovation. We’re committed to building strong relationships and showcasing our vision of new energy mobility, aligning with the sustainability goals of the nation and its leadership.”

Celebrating its strategic layout integrating ‘new products, new technology and new ecosystems’ in the Middle East, OMODA & JAECOO is dedicated to redefining the future of mobility in the UAE and the region. The automotive brand recently made history with the global debut of its pure electric OMODA E5 and new energy hybrid SUVs JAECOO J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV at its Ecological Conference, in Wuhu, China that took place in May.

OMODA & JAECOO is an innovative automobile brand pioneering the future of mobility globally, bringing to life the philosophy of new products, new technology, and new ecosystems in the Middle East under two distinct sub-brands, each with its own charm. Its pathbreaking vehicles enrich automotive experiences through their world-class design aesthetics, superb performance standards, and rigorous emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Dedicated to elevating every journey into an exhilarating experience and delivering exceptional value at every turn, OMODA & JAECOO’s elegantly designed vehicles place customers at the heart of the experience, seamlessly blending convenience, sportiness, and unrivaled entertainment options on the move.

The brand portfolio includes new energy hybrids and purely electric vehicles, underlining its commitment to environmental sustainability. Captivating the world with its first launches, OMODA C5 and JAECOO 7, the trendsetting automotive brand unveiled the pure electric OMODA E5, and the new energy, hybrid SUVs JAECOO J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV at its Ecological Conference, in Wuhu, China, reiterating the brand’s unwavering commitment to premium comfort, sporty style, and superior finishes.

Backed by rigorous testing, OMODA & JAECOO vehicles deliver top-notch performance and quality. With a focus on fuel efficiency and extended battery life for electric vehicles, the brand is contributing to shaping a low-carbon automotive universe.

Innovations such as the O-Universe and intelligent safety systems prioritise the well-being of users, focusing on smart living and future lifestyles. OMODA & JAECOO is not just redefining mobility but shaping a future where innovation, performance, and sustainability converge to create unforgettable automotive experiences.

OMODA & JAECOO was introduced to international markets as a marque of Chery, the fifth largest automobile manufacturer group in China and the largest Chinese automobile exporter since 2003, extending its 27-year legacy beyond borders.

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