Pylontech’s Marine Lithium-ion Battery System Receives JET Certificate in Japan

SHANGHAI, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On March 10, 2023, Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd. (“Pylontech”) (Stock No. 688063) announced that its marine lithium-ion battery system received JET certificate in Japan. This certificate, issued on the basis of JIS C 8715-2: 2019, is another sign of recognition to Pylontech in Japanese market after the receipt of JET certificate of 37Ah single battery cell (model: 37PN) and S-Mark of Force H2 energy storage system.

JET sets higher technical standards for marine lithium-ion battery systems because of its harsh operating environment. This certificate marks a significant breakthrough for Pylontech, demonstrating its technical strength and reliability. Furthermore, Pylontech has been able to broaden the range of its battery system application in Japan.

In 2020, Japanese government issued Green Growth Strategy Through Achieving Carbon Neutrality in 2050 that outlines plan for realizing commercial operation of zero-emission ships by 2030. It is expected to have a profound effect on the development of marine battery system applications in Japan. This receipt of JET certificate indicates Pylontech’s entry into the marine battery market and echoes its commitment to accelerating carbon neutrality in Japan.

With a vertically integrated industry chain, Pylontech is one of the few energy storage system providers in the world with strong independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities of core energy storage components such as cells, modules and battery energy systems. Pylontech’s solutions, by virtue of their cutting-edge technologies and reliability, have won the trust of more than 1,000,000 households in more than 80 countries, including Japan.

“Pylontech is proud to have earned JET certificate, as its harsh standards are a testament to our dedication to advanced technologies. It also broadened the application of battery systems in Japan. Pylontech will continue its expansion in Japanese market, and is committed to accelerating Japan’s zero-emission society by utilizing its advantages in cell design and manufacturing.” said Geoffrey Song, VP of international business of Pylontech.

About JET

JET (Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories) is responsible for the testing and certification services for assessing the reliability and safety of solar PV modules produced in or exported to Japan.

About Pylontech

Pylontech is a dedicated battery energy storage system (BESS) provider by consolidating its expertise in electrochemistry, power electronics and system integration to deliver reliable energy storage solutions globally. With continuous and rapid growth, it has become a leading provider of energy storage system worldwide.

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